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I'm feeling much better now, my tube was removed last week and my antibiotics are finished. I do have a bit of a cold but I can't complain!

I've decided that I need to go on a vacation so I'm going to sweden at the beginning of may to visit family, then I'll go to the spanish GP at barcelona to see my mikey schumacher and then I'll go to morocco until the 26th when I'll go to roland garros to see guga! I hope he can play at the french open this year. I'm guessing that he's preparing for that but I've been wrong before :shrug:

My health has been pretty bad over the past year or so but hopefully it will allow me to do all those things. It'll probably be my last year to see mikey race and guga play roland garros so I can't say "maybe next year" again :sad: I don't know what I'll do with myself when neither of them are around for me to support.
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