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Hawk-Eye Challenge Rules Unified

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The four tennis governing bodies, the ITF, ATP, WTA Tour and Grand Slam Committee, have agreed to adopt a unified Hawk-Eye challenge system.

Players will be allowed to make three unsuccessful challenges per set at any tournament using Hawk-Eye, plus one more if the set reaches a tie-break.

Since Hawk-Eye technology was introduced tournaments had been allowed to set their own rules for the system.

Next week's Sony Ericsson Open will be the first event to use the new rules.

Previously some tournaments have allowed players to have an unlimited number of challenges in every match, while other events allowed two or three unsuccessful challenges per set.

The governing bodies said players and teams would now be allowed a maximum of three unsuccessful challenges per set plus one more if the set reached a tie-break.

Three of the four Grand Slams use the Hawk-Eye technology. The French Open is the only major not to use the system as the ball leaves a mark on the clay surface.
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On every ATP/WTA tournament?
Three is not enough when you often see how slow these lines judges are. But it is getting there.
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