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trick or treat? :D


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Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Today i will be a pink elephant :D :D ;)
canadian flashers :D


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happy halloween everyone! enjoy ur trick or treating candy search!! :D :D :D

(i'll be harry potter :p ;))
We don't have halloween in Poland . :sad: :sad: :sad:
Here 1 November is All Saints Day and everyone will go to cementery :D .
i just collected a bucket of candy :lick: :drool: can't wait to eat them ;)
i want cadiessss :) :)
here's a kit kat *throw's kit kat to daniel* :drool: :lick:
thanks dear

ur welcome ;)
Kiss :) :) :)
lmao at that cartoon Mrs. B! :D


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Our very own pumpkin.


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Happy Halloween :D
nice, layla :)

hope everyone had a gr8 halloween :D
I didn't I was sick :rolleyes: :mad:
poor chrispy :sad: no candy? :sad: :sad:
in México we don't celebrates Halloween (some people does it but they are a minority). But we have a celebration more cool!

"El día de Muertos" *day of the dead*and is celebrated the 1 and 2 of november:bounce: take a glance:

In Mexico, the día de muertos, or literally, "day of the dead", is a joyful annual celebration to honour the dead. It is believed that, on this day, the spirits of the dead return home to visit their families. Toys, decorations, and candies in the form of skeletons and skulls, reflecting the lighthearted attitude of Mexicans towards death, are sold in the market-places at this time every year.

more about the day of the dead
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hi everyone :wavey:
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