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Happy birthday Rui aka meninosantos!!

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Sweet 16 :aparty: :banana: :hug:

Happy birthday Rui :)
Hope you enjoy it :hug:
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Happy Birthday RUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:bounce: Happy birthday Ruiiiii :D:D:D:D :aparty:

:banana: :rocker2:
Ruiiii!! Parabéns! :hug:, always good to chat with you on MSN :), I hope you have a great day mate :)

Happy Birthday Rui

Parabéns :aparty:
Happy Birthday Rui :D
Feliz Aniversário, Rui!! :aparty: :bdaycake: :hug:
have a great birthday young mate
HAppy bday:hug:
happy birthday!!! :aparty: :)
não sei se esteja tarde, mas além disso Feliz Aniversário, Rui! :hug: :aparty:
Feliz Aniversário, gajo :hug: :aparty: :bdaycake:

TT Luso
Feliz Cumpleños, tarde pero con los mejores deseos :)
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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