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Today (28th Feb) is Ivo Karlovic's Birthday.... a mere sprig at 27!! :bdaycake: Happy Birthday to Ivo...

and what a birthday present he recieved from Davide Sanguinetti.... :)

Playing in the first round of the Tennis Channel Open, Las Vegas, today Ivo played perhaps his best singles match since losing in 5 sets to Davydenko at the Australian Open; Ivo beat Davide Sanguinetti 62 64 in a little over an hour. :yippee:

This game was interesting from a number of pointers... mainly Ivo's lack of aces and his excellent returning...

the stats for the match for Ivo: -

First serves in - 64% (actually about average for Ivo!)
Aces on 1st Serve - 1 :)eek: Ivo normally averages 19 per match!)
Aces on 2nd Serve - 0 :eek:
Recieving points won - 47% (normally ivo would get around 20%)
Break points won - 4/5

:scratch: I dont know if anyone will remember the last time Ivo broke 4 times in a match and served only one ace!!! :scratch:

I'm not sure if his win last week has helped him confidence wise; at least he certainly doesnt appear too tired with all those matches and flights!

All in all though, it was a great match... Ivo's into round 2 :bounce: where he'll play Jonas Bjorkman (SWE #65). :eek:!
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