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Happy Birthday Goran

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i know this should probably go in the croatian forum but no one really goes there much so i feel it is much better for as baby fans to celebrate the mighty gorans birthday for him!

lets have a party :aparty:
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Congrats Goran! :aparty: :hug:
34 today and still beautiful :p
Goran I love you and happy birthday to you! :kiss::bdaycake::aparty:
i suspect he is having a great time !
think so ! :lol:

happy birthday Goran :kiss: , though it was yesterday :confused:
he's probably still celebratingit though :p
hehe, he wont celebrate this weekend anymore, i heard that he gonna play an exhibition tournament in france this weekend (Lagardère Trophy)... ;)
goran will always celebrate :p
Oh goran's birthday,happy birthday :yippee: :kiss: :kiss:

I know I'm late but better late than never :hug:

ah 34 and looks :hearts: :cool:
definately he looks better than me and im ten years younger
Éowyn said:
definately he looks better than me and im ten years younger
Hehe funny you say that,I can never compare a female to male as to who is prettier, I mean I know which one looks better to me(man,one I usually watch). :aplot: I rather compare man to man and woman to woman in this area.

About Goran,this is subjective from me and know that many don't see him like that,but I like this unique charm of his that makes him even more attractive than just looks. :hearts:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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