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Greetings! :wavey: Its absolutely pouring down of rain here in England (no change i suppose :eek: ) On a good note I got my av back :woohoo: and I now have Sky Sports :bounce: :rocker: :woohoo: :banana: :rocker2: !!!!!!! Just in time for Madrid, Paris, Shanghai and the Davis Cup final!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so happy!!!!! :banana: :D
Arsenal won!!!!!!!!! FABULOUS goals by Van Persie :worship: We are on the up so watch out!! :armed:, Schumi won in China which im in two minds about because i want Schuey to retire in style but im also a huge Lonzie fan so....:rolleyes: I thought Nando was a definite winner on this race because he snatched pole with Michael down in 6th but well done Schuey :yeah:
Blake won in Bangkok :banana: Getting close to Shanghai now James.....and good luck to Berdych in the Mumbai final :rocker:
Gasquet has drawn a qualifier in the 1st round in Metz which is good but a potentially tough 2nd round match against Clement or Malisse. In the doubles he's playing doubles with Santoro and they've drawn Mutis/Patience first round so Allez!!!!!! :p
See you soon!!!!!!! Rachael xxx

p.s has there always been a 'now playing' option to go with your blog?? I only noticed this today....:confused:

Hello rachael,

My name is Rahel (which is actually just another form of your name). You like the Killers!! :woohoo:

Are the lost prophets good? I think I say some on Ourtunes the other day.

and what year were you actually born...i'm having a hard time believing you are 205 years old...hahah.
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