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So Safin loses the day before I get coverage, and I wake up just in time to see Santoro lose, and Federer shreds my nerves. I was getting good and sick of 'Another mishit by Federer,' and I know the commentator was sick of it too.

On the plus side, it's not so much about watching Santoro win as about watching him play, and Federer saved four match points against Rochus, who's a tough little guy, and it is incredibly hard to switch from clay to grass that fast if you played in the final. Also on the plus side, Nadal has taken a set off Hewitt, although he's about to lose the second.

Tommy, please win handily so I can watch you play Roger tomorrow (and also to give my nerves a break). Besides, if you win today and Federer plays like that tomorrow, you have a good shot. Hope I get coverage of the Haas match.

Roger, good job for at least hanging in there and winning. Good match point saving.
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