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Haitian tennis in ruins :bigcry:

Haiti-sport-tennis: Haiti will not participate in the Davis Cup in 2014

The president of the Haitian Tennis Federation, Patrick Blanchet informed that the national team will not participate in tennis Davis Cup 2014. This competition will take place in Puerto Rico, from 6 to 13 June 2014.

'' The unavailability of Yveton Louis, Captain of the selection and the economic difficulties faced by the Haitian Tennis Federation are among other reasons that led to the non-participation of Haiti in the Davis Cup in 2014,'' said Patrick Blanchet.

The head of the Haitian tennis federation has also said that the federation was unable to find about 20,000 U.S. dollars to cover the costs of travel, accommodation and participation of the delegation of five players, including a captain who defend Haiti in Group 3.

In addition, the best player of this selection, Austin Gonzalez advised me to decline participation due to a lack of preparation, he has continued stressing that Haiti would face El Salvador, Guatemala and Puerto Rico during the first round of this competition.

Mr. Blanchet said that the non-participation of Haiti in the Davis Cup is not going to downgrade to a lower group. However, the Haitian courts will be sanctioned by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). '' The Haitian Tennis Federation shall be punished by a fine valued at more than $ 2,000, it will pay to the ITF'', he has argued.

Moreover, the president of the Haitian tennis federation announced that the institution is working on several programs that will allow the institution to have players to easily create selections in different categories. According to Patrick Blanchet'' Top 16 Petion-Ville Club'' is a competition set up by the FHT to discover new talent to strengthen the sport in the country.
This really sucks, man.

Gonzales Austin, Olivier Sajous, and Hillel Rousseau, there is no reason at all we shouldn't be able to get out of Group 3 FFS. Austin I thought I saw he was playing in college somewhere, Sajous won 3 rounds in Vero Beach from nowhere, and Rousseau I just saw a few days ago. I also don't understand how it costs $20,000 for a week in Puerto Rico. Let me be the treasurer, we'll get it done with $10,000 tops. Probably less.

I really want to play next year if I can because this is a joke. AND we are going to be fined $2,000 by the ITF? So let me get this straight. We are going to be fined because we cannot afford to fund a team? :facepalm: What is this, a poor tax?

Like I said before, Haitian tennis in ruins :bigcry:
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