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The world has been pretty devoid of any Ivo news recently, but the new ATP rankings are out!

*drum roll please*

despite a first round loss in Miami :mad:

Ivo is UP 3 to 58 , a record high for 2006.... in ER singles :bounce:

in ATP Race, Ivo is DOWN 1 to 46 :sad:

In Doubles ER, Ivo is UP 1 to 48 (despite not playing doubles in Miami).

Go Ivo! :)

p.s. :topic: Things may take a turn for the worst on Friday, as Serbia and Montenegro take on Great Britain in Davis Cup.... I've got tickets :woohoo: and intend to do some blogging daily after the :tennis: matches --- Go Serbia and Montenegro! :eek: Not that I am biased in anyway!!! :eek:
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