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well first week of work went good, the first two day were still hard, just as soon as i got use to it, i was fine :)

I have 3 big road trip in plans for the summer

June 24th- Trip to Memphis for pretty much for DRINKING :lol: Memphis is a cool place
July 23rd- Chicago- One of my good friends is going to school at U of Chicago, he is moving their July 1, so we will go there to see him and DRINK probably :lol:
then the last trip is my annual end of the summer trip to
TMS Cincy for 10 days. ill be going Aug6th to 16th. best 10 days of the year, watching tennis and hanging out in the players lounge :yeah:

Right now as i said I am in St.Louis,living with the parents, which i did last summer too.i been living at home for like 5months during last 2 years, this is probably last summer ill be living with the parents :sad: :lol: 2nd week of July, i move into my new apartment in Springfield(3hours away from St.Louis) where i go to school at. Missouri State , ( )
Since my apartment lease goes for 1 year, i will be there the next summer, doing an intership and taking some more classes, so ill be living down there for next 2 years, then i will try to get a job somewhere in St.Louis or close to it, since all my family and friends live there.
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