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Guga VS Mantilla

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the match will begin in a short time.. we'll be there for live scores!
GO GUGAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!
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Where's billabong?

Guga up 5-2 and serving for the set :D
I'm there!!!! I'm so happy! but so nervous also.. Guga has to continue, not lose his concentration and keep up the good work!

I keep myself busy in chat thread so I don't sweat too much over the live score :D
It seems Guga is in cruise control now. Another break in 2nd set.
Guga has to keep his concentration! that is an important key!
ok Guga, please concentrate and don't give up! you can beat him! GO GUGAAAA!!!!!
Guga had a break point, but Mantilla managed to serve.. come on Guga, win this set! you can do it! Hold your serve and please concentrate!
tiebreak.. 5-2 Mantilla.. come on Guga GOOO!!!!! please finish him!
now it is 5-4 in the tiebreak, Guga to serve... GO GUGA! you can do it!
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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