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Guga in 2003!!! Let's encourage him!!!

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I think it would be cool to start a topic where we can write come encouraging words for Guga during the year 2003!!

GO GUGA, you're the best!!!!! I predict a lot of titles for you this year!!!
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Im just happy that he is motivated and that he will play a week before the AusOpen. I am almost sure that will lead him into a much better GS #1 this year. :D
Well, much better than falling to Boutter on round one!!

My guess is he will at least get to QF in AO or even SF.
I'm very hopeful for a great season. I have great faith in Guga and believe that he can be in the top 5 again - even #1!!

Go Guga!!

:bounce: :bounce:
GO Guga!!!!! I'm sure you'll do great this week!!!
Good luck Guga!
Time to kick some ass, Guga! :D
I LOVE GUGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOO AH AH!!!!!!!!!

I really hope he returns to his scarily perfect form, surprising the world again by doing well on hard courts in the American season, and being the King of Clay once more!!!
Hey, I didn't know you were a Guga fan Viva!!!!! But it makes sense, eh! The whole Portuguese bonding!
Guga is off to a great start. I think it predicts even greater things for the rest of the year! Good Job and Good Luck to Guga!

Love, Liz
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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