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Guga aims top-10

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Guga follows training in Camboriú to come back to top 10
12/12/2002 to 17h12
Camboriú (SC) - rain Makes or makes sun, Gustavo Kuerten, the Larri technician Passos, more 11 tennis players, four technician, a massagista and other employees, is promptly to 7h30, in the Larri Steps Pro Tennis, in Camboriú, to initiate a routine of training, that only finishes to 18h30. In the head of the triplechampion of Roland Garros, an only idea, of that this is the best form to face one season strong in the professional circuit, with the objective to come back to again conquer titles and to be part of the group of top 10.

Motivated and if feeling in form for the year of 2003, Guga affirmed that its objective is to come back to be one top 10 and finds that never it was so well prepared to start a new maratona of matches. "I find that in the last five years, never I obtained to make a so good preparation how much this and go to better start the year in mine condition. I want to come back to be a player top 10", he said.

Larri shares the opinion of Guga. "It goes to arrive in the New Zealand and Australia very prepared well, better of the one than in the last years, even because we finish 2002 very well technical. I had until to ask for it to hold a little the will of it of if surpassing in squares, not to arrive at the peak before the time ", affirmed the trainer.

Larri if feels carried through with the work and the structure that constructed. "When people want something, it has that to enter in the head and to believe he can obtain it. Thus I arrived here and thus I teach for the players."

Of 2 of December, day where it initiated the daily pay-season, until the date of its embarkment, in 1º of January, for Auckland, in the New Zealand, Guga will follow the same routine, with different exercises in the court and the musculation room.

The routine of Guga starts to 7h30, when it arrives in the Larri Steps Pro Tennis, for the coffee of the morning. To the 8 hours, after soon colloquy with Larri, to the side of the other tennis players and technician, is knowing as it will be the trainings of the day and initiates the heating that lasts one hour, including race, allonge and many exercises with rubber.

The beat-ball starts to the 9 hours with approach duration of three hours, with number 1 of Brazil if strengtheing to the maximum to reach all the balls. Later, generally underneath of strong sun, some minutes for the recovery exercises and one soon meeting where Larri speaks on the training of the morning.

From there, Guga and all the others follow for the swimming pool, make relaxation exercises and are arrived the hour of the lunch. Until the 15 hours, Guga has time to relax, to touch violão and to sleep a little.

The activities in the court recommence to 15 hours when Guga initiates plus trainings of one hour and stocking, followed of more two physical massages and working hours.

"They are desgastantes and very tiring days. It is not easy to wake up monday before the 7 hours, to only come back toward night house and to know that still it has every day of the week for the front in this way ", comments Guga. "But, on the other hand, I know that they are these weeks here that they go to make to arrive me very prepared well for the season of the year that comes. I know that when will be in a difficult game I go to remember that I was as many hours in squares here and that I am ready to be successful ", continues the champion of Brazil Open in last September.

Guga, that is trained by Larri since 1989, folloied all the evolution of the trainer and its academy. Currently, the Larri Passos Pro Tennis receives 12 tennis players, many technician and develops the project Happy Child In the Tennis, Happy In the School, with all the structure necessary to receive tenistas from the highest levels.

"For me it does not have better place of the world to train. People have everything that they needs here inside, square them, now have the fast also, room of musculating, refectory, room of rest, massagista, swimming pool, dressings room and the joy to be close to house. I remember when Larri started to construct, that people did not obtain to imagine what this would be and it here, to the few, were adding a thing here, one there and today she has this center of training that is where people if prepare to aguentar one season entire in the circuit."

Guga is really going to rock this year!! he'll be more ready than ever with this training and the motivation!!!!!!! GO GUGAAAAA!!!
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Thanks Billabong for the new!

Those translation software really sucks but I start getting use to it.
You GO Guga!

I picked him for my sticky player in that game, so hopefully this works for him ;)
I just hope you didnt jinx him, or we will make you PAY!!


GO GUGA!!!!!
Thanks, Billabong :)

I like what Guga says, "....I am ready to be successful" and he will be! :)

thats true, about him not liking to play early. I remember in 1 interview he said 2pm would be the perfect time to start. :D

Goooo Guga!!!
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