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Well British Eurosport had Grinning Greg over in their studio to give a few opinions and comments.

He gave some predictable nonsense about being objective and looking at Pete's Head to Heads vs Haas and Roddick (the next victims of Sampras on his USO run). And also how it was just 10-15 minutes after the match so he was rather muddled in the head. At least he admitted today Pete was the better player on the day;*( should however say on any day apart from his sole win at Bercy)

Of course they probe him about his no-show in the DC tie next month. He says that if he announces late he is grilled, if he announces early he is grilled as well. He just sort of says "c'est la vie" in regard to his poor PR in general.

They asked him if he still believes about his chances for a GS, and of course he doesn't own up to the countless mess-ups he has made in a GS. When a draw seems to be there for the taking, he has a terrible way of closing out sets or 2-0 leads in matches.

E.g. Martin/ Pioline in 99/00 USOs.
Vs Pete at the USO in 2002.
and of course the Malisse match at Wimby 2002 when the draw was SO decimated.

Greg cunningly said, well look at Johansson and Costa. Of course he was gutted last year not to make the AO final, courtesy of British rival Tim (who of course messed up himself).

Still, this is all good fun at Greg's expense; Annebel Croft said, "Well we need a good bit of spice [i.e. bitching] in tennis"
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