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It was amazing last night. We had good seats, on the right side of the stage, medium high, so it was perfect to see the stage, and even more perfect to see the giant screen (guys took pics with the phones, and they look like they were actually near Fergie, Will, etc.) :cool:

Before it started, while people were still entering the place, we had hip hop music to listen to, and a review of all sport events which take place in Bercy each year... and among them is tennis of course. ;) And what did they show? not the Masters Series, but the 2002 DC final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :crazy: :banana:
Ah god, Marat at the best of his art, with a decent haircut! :p They showed a moment of the doubles match when Marat made a step left to avoid a ball which would have hit him otherwise. He looked so cute!!!! :hearts: :lick:

LOL, back to the concert. Flipsyde is a good band. The Chilean guy with the guitare was really cool. They performed a few songs included 'Someday' and 'Happy Birthday'. Not a lot of people knew their music so it wasn't very hot yet, but it was good though. :yeah:

During the break while technicians were preparing the stage for BEP, the singer of Flipsyde went in the crowd for 10-15 minutes with his camera to film us all. Needless to say people were hysteric. :lol:

Then the BEP, as good as in my memories. Fergie was excellent on 'Shut up', and on 'My humps' :aplot:. And there's no break at all. I mean, artists always need time at some moments to go change clothes, drink a little, and during this time they let the musicians play for the crowd. Which is ok but can be boring if it lasts for too long. :yawn:
Nothing similar with the BEP. Whenever they needed to drink, three of them just stepped back in the dark while the fourth one was doing a one-man-show. Then everyone was singing again, and at the next break again 3 of them were having a drink while another one was playing with the public. And it just made the time flies very fast. :) (but :sad: also :p)

What else was great?... oh, at a moment they all have their solo moment, one after another, and Taboo made a review of the evolution of Hip Hop since 1998 (year of their first album). He sang a few hits of other rappers, like 50 Cent's 'In da club' or Snoop and Pharell's 'Drop it like it's hot'. I looooove Taboo ;)

'Where is the Love' was a great moment too. I remember it 2 years ago at J. Timberlake's concert when all the 5 sang it, along with 17,000 people. :inlove: Well yesterday was the same but without Justin. asked for the lighs to be turned off, and for us all to wave an arm with our cell phones on. The place was like a dark sky with millions of stars. During the whole song. It looked beautiful.:D

Oh they made us a surprise also!!! :bounce: Actually they really tried to please us all night (singing our national anthem, making a dedicace on a song because of the recent riots... which i found very nice of them, and singing 'We wish you a Merry Xmas at the end, thanking everyone for the warm welcome they have everytime they are in France... it was the last concert of their European Tour so they all seemed very emotive).

So the surprise: said he had the chance to work in a studio in Paris a few months ago, with a French Hip Hop band, and he said they make a very multi-cultural music like the BEP themselves, and he liked working with them. And then he said, they came to say hello, please welcome the Saïan Supa Crew! :banana:

Saïan Supa Crew has become very famous with their first album 3 or 4 years ago. It's not ordinary Hip Hop, it's multi-cultural, and also very festive. They appeared to be a UFO in the French Hip Hop scene. There new album has just been released, and so they sang their new hit, "La Patte", featuring as you've understood i think. With the BEP singing too (and Fergie dancing with one of the Saïan guys, ahem :aplot: ).
You can hear that song here:

When they arrived, one of them said: we've been listening to you since the beginning, and we have the impression that people on the left of the stage are hotter than people on the right. Of course on the right we started booing and making noise. And then started a lil competition between both side during the song. Typical, but always works ;)

It was a great evening, but my throat's aching so much now. I still can talk though, so not so bad :p
But it was difficult to get up this morning ;-)

Today, reindeers getting ready for Xmas :p

pump it (louder)
pump it (louder)
pump it (louder)
pump it (louder)
pump it (louder)
pump it (louder)

and say oh oh oh oh
say oh oh oh
yo yo

turn the radio, blast the stereo
riiiiight now
this joint is fizzlin, it’s sizzlin
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