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Such a long time, that I haven't written here.

I was very busy. I started to watch the Australian Open. To be honest, I didn't really stay up because I didn't need to.

Today, Fernando played his third round vs Hewitt and he won :yeah:

I have to admit that I wasn't very convinced by his shape, but I think now, he's playing better and better. The match was tough, as expected. Eurosport didn't show the match, so I had to find on the net, on Max TV (you have several channels, and the match was on ESPN), you also have :)
Thanks to these channels :hug:

The third set was a bit stressy and Fernando lost it. He made two double faults in the same game, argued with the chair umpire. Well, a big temper our Fernando, that's why we like him so much :hug:

Next match, against Blake. I like him but I'm starting to fed up with him cause he def. Carlos Moya twice, in Sydney and in Melbourne, so I really hope that Fernando will beat. It's going to be a tough match, I remember the Davis Cup. I'm sure, it will be played during the night session, and I'll be at work :(
I'll try to tape it..

It has been a long time that I want to create my own videos. I saw a lot of Prison Break videos and wanted to do the same with Fernando. So, finally, this evening, I created my first one of Fernando with two matches, one in LA vs Agassi and one in Vienna vs Roddick, two victories of course :)
The music is Chris Daughtry, one singer from American Idol. I discoved his song in the summary of Prison Break showed on FOX TV, two weeks ago, this song was at the end of the show :)

Monday night (US time), Prison Break returns. I'll have to get up early on tuesday morning to watch it on TVU (same as Max TV but with Fox tv). So, I think I'll have to be up at 5 am to watch it. We are in the half of the second season and it's great and many good things will happen, but can't say more, don't want to write spoilers !!!

Here's the link to watch my video, hope you'll like it :hug:
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