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Hi all,

New to the forum as a full member but have been reading all your posts for a long time as a long time Tennis fan.

If you like playing what-ifs with match ups or playing or replaying Tennis Tournaments then this game I am just releasing maybe for you. Its a dice and charts game, not computer based, but is very quick playing and great fun.

This game I believe is the BEST to allow realistic Tournament Play and indeed Season Play in a reasonable time scale, while still giving ALL the features that come in to effect during ATP / WTA Tennis seasons.

Ratings have been updated to 2012, components upgraded, and new rules added to take account of purple patch form improvements, form slumps and various other in game events.

Please take a look at my site for full details and to order at if you might be interested :)

Thank you for your time and allowing me to tell you about the game.
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