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My first semester as a music major was the spring semester 2000. My first semester at an university.. I spent 4 semesters in an university in the USA. Shortly before Christmas 2001, I moved to Switzerland to continue studying music there. Until June 2002, I went to a language school to learn the German language (high German and not Swiss German.. :p ) During that time, I took an entrance exam for Zurich School of Music and passed. I began my study there in the Fall of the year 2002. I didn't transfer there, but started from the beginning. Maybe I could have started from the 2nd year or so, but I decided to start from the beginning, because of the difference of the school system between the countries and also I wanted to get used to the music terms in German.

This semester is my 13th semester as a music major. And today, I successfully passed the last exam and officially graduated from the college. What I have achieved can be well compared to the Master degree. (Master of Arts in Music or something like that, and I don't have a Bachelor degree.. :p) What a long road it was! Finally the end... How can I describe how happy I feel at this moment.. Just,, too great.

Actually I was a bit afraid that I would fail, because I had to give a 40 minute concert with audiences and judges in front of me, and I tend to get nervous. And, when I get nervous, I usually don't play well. But, I don't know why, but I could play well.. I was sure nervous, but some other kind of nervous it was. I could enjoy myself there.. I am so happy that it went great! I passed the exam with a satisfactory mark.

Next semester, I still go to school taking some courses, but not much. Rather, I am looking for a job. That's also a difficult thing to do... Hopefully I can find one, which satisfies me.

Now, I go open a bottle of champaign. :)

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