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Ive had a good start to my tennis career. I train everyday and I am eliminating alot of problems from my game. Im starting to get a very good serve and I can hit some quite hand shot's down the line but the best thing about me is I can run all day and will never give up on a ball.

At my tennis club we hold a doubles tournament every friday where you a drawn with a random partner and we play 4 games round robin style so every one plays everyone and we also have handicap rules ect so it's a great set up.

The very first night I was drawn with the event organiser and I learnt alot and played quite well except for the very lasy game where I seemed to run out of steam. Despite the other good performance's we failed to win any games but picked up 2 or 3 draw's so it was a decent first night for me.

Going into the next friday night tournament I had set my self a target of at least 1 win and the same amount of draw's but I was drawn with a lad with a monstrous serve so after the first game when we beat my fathers team 4-1 I said we can win this!!!!

And we almost did we only lost 1 game and that was covered in controversy as our polish opponent stole a game away despite us clearly having won it and then he had the cheek to acuse my partner of serving to hard at the women when it was clear he and his partner were targeting me!!!! thinking I was going to be easy as a new comer but I played very well but we still lost 3-2 because f that game we had robbed.

We needed to win the final game around 4-1 to win the championship but could only manage a 3-2 and that meant my partners brother who side we drew with took the wine home but after the anger of been robbed of the championship had left me I looked back on a great night's work and this Friday I will be targeting a similar finish!!!!
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