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I will start with the 'Good'....Fab and Richard won today, so they move on to the Championship tomorrow. :D Good Luck guys! :) I'm so happy for Choupi that she was able to witness it, and then to be able to attend the Championship match too....:cool: I hope that she got some nice photos, and also that she got the opportunity to speak to Fab. I know how exciting that would be for me, and I am guessing it would be pretty cool for her too. Maybe if she didn't get a chance to speak to him today she will tomorrow....Ah well, even if that aspect doesn't work out at all, I'm sure it has been a great experience for her!

Now for the 'Bad'. I am a VERY BIG FAN of baseball, I would have to say it is my favorite team sport. I love it, and I have always loved it from my earliest days. Well, the Yankees lost today, and they have always been a special team for that was bad news. I realize that they have had a lot of victories over the years though, so Congratulations to the Tigers, they deserved the win. My 2 favorite teams that are left in the running are the Oakland A's, and the St. Louis Cardinals....I hope that the World Series is between these 2 teams....I could be happy no matter which team won then! ;)
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