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This evening, I'm very happy, Fernando Gonzalez will play the Masters Cup :banana:

Sad to know that he enters thanks to the withdrawals of Agassi and Nadal, but that's life !! Nadal is paying his terrific season !!

Fernando has good chances to win his two matches, versus Puerta and Gaudio as he's better than them on carpet, even if Gonzo didn't practrice (only one day) since his return to Chile. As he's very happy to play, I think he'll fight to win his matches, cause with only one victory, he can enter in the top 10, so he'll be very motivated !! Vamos Fernando, for once, you have a "draw" for you, Federer and Nalbandian are not in your group !!! You can do it man !! :bounce:

I didn't think that Fernando would play, but I'm very happy for him. It's going to be a stressy week now. Well, that's the life of a tennis fan :lol:
Now, have to buy new blank tapes to record his two matches !!!

I cross my fingers !!!

Other tennis news :

Last night, there were two French at the WTA Masters Final and Amélie Mauresmo alias "Momo" won the final. I think she won her first big tournament. I'm not a fan of both players, but congratulations :yeah:

Today at work :

Well, busy day, mainy internet booking requests. My former bosses are leaving on holidays tomorrow. My new boss is coming tommorrow. My colleague told us today that she'll visit Antactica in february, the trip is offered, the agency only has to pay the flight ticket. She'll land in Santiago, Chile and she'll take off from Buenos Aires !!! I can't believe it !!! But, I'll ask her to buy me some chilean newspapers :lol: she won't understand why, cause she doesn't know that I like a certain Chilean player :lol: Well, it will be to improve my spanish :lol: :lol: She knows that I like tennis, but she thinks I only like the Swedish players, if I say that I'm following other players, she'd think I'm crazy. The other day, my new boss told me if I was interested by animals cause he wanted to offer me a calendar, cause he offered one with Polar Bears to my colleagues. I said, to be different, that I'd prefer dolphins. And, my former boss came and said - she would prefer Swedish tennis players - :lol: :lol: I think he thought he was funny when he said that, but I didn't really appreciated. Don't think it was funny !! So, that's why since a couple of years, I don't say anymore that I go to tennis tournaments, cause they don't understand. Well, they are not interesting at my work !!! :smash: :smash: They are stupid !!
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