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Whenever I am supposed to write something, most likely I will write something else. Then off we go, let's put kamikazes aside, let's concentrate on malls.

Jumping over tons of mud (hell yeah, let's renovate the city centre) you enclose yourself to the most famous mall in Wroclaw, called Galeria Dominikanska. It's not "gallery" with paintings, it's the gallery with MaxMara and other rubbish. Miruna, I didn't intend to bash you.
The reducing distance to the gate is straight proportional to upgrowing amount of students giving leaflets of language private schools. They earn 1 Euro per hour. It means I am capable of losing 800 hours of such person's work in one bet.
Rescued from the usual dilemmas of women, like how many clothes should I buy (sometimes lack of cash pays off) I went straightforward to the chickenkillah place to order some fastfood, on purpose of getting fat. No, it was not my purpose. But it happened anyway.
It was a great view of the school children, taken from a small town to the threatre in here. Asked home where they had been to and what they had seen, enthusiastic little bastards usually shout out: "Been to the mall and saw the real chickenkillah place!".

Jewelery. Beautiful. Yes, I need a rich husband. Don't look at it Nathii, turn right.

In fact, I needed to buy some Ethiopian coffee (okay, in fact I needed to buy black shoes going together with my coat, but since when do we buy something we actually think of when directing ourselves to shopping centre?). Now I have coffee and I have no excuse for oversleeping early lectures. Harsh deal, but who said life was easy. I also bought some tea from Californian plums. If I go to chicks from another dorm room for the sake of trying it out, we will turn it into a bigger friendly meeting (calling for guys and vodka) hmm, it sounds like a good indulge from not studying tonight! And not only for me, but also for my friends.

Et cetera.
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