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This week we have the Johnny Walker Classic in Perth and the Pebble Beach Pro-Am in the states.

I'm not game enough to pick a winner in the Johnny Walker Classic yet. My first thoughts are with Robert Allenby, but he hasn't played since he made the hat-trick of Australian majors in December.

I'll hold off till the end of round 1 or round 2 and see the developments before I pick a winner. But the players who appeal to me are the following:

If you want, Robert Allenby @ $17 is good value.

Richard Green's form has been great and at $34 - he is value too. I'll play him for a top 10 finish.

Nick O'Hern, the local boy @ $21 is good value aswell.

I don't think Goosen will win.


Top 10 finish:

Robert Allenby @ $2.40 - Self explanatory.

Nick O'Hern @ $2.75 - Perth boy - will play well in front of his home crowd. Was in pretty good form aswell in the Australian majors.

Richard Green @ $4.00 - His form so far this year has been great and I can see him finish top 10. At $4, who wouldn't take him?

Tournament head to heads

Michael Campbell over Adam Scott @ $1.90 - Adam Scott has disappointed me. I'm fading him until he does something substantial in Australia. I know he won this tournament this year, but he was a major disappointment in November/December and I'm fading him.

Richard Green over Nick Dougherty @ $2.00 - Form warrants this.

Mark Hensby over Paul Casey @ $2.10
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