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i do try to be positive. its just that when i have been optimistic about his chances i've ended up being wrong. im a pesimistic person by nature but i do try even if it doesn't seem like it.

i admit im harder on david than anyone else and i still havent figured out why. maybe its the disappointment of knowing that he's underachieved and being frustrated. i really think he could, at the very least have won a masters by now if not for mental frailty. people can claim he's gotten better mentally all they want but there've been occasions just recently that to me prove he hasn't. the way he lost that match to opelka in basel just handing him the match the first time his serve was threatened with bad errors. the errors in the first set in his match against fed a couple weeks ago in shanghai

then there's the whole 250 issue. this year i've seen him display just a terrible attitude in 250's. it's almost as if he thinks he's to good to be playing those smaller tournaments and so simply doesn't care

i'll try to ease up on him in the future as i try to adjust my expectations. im aware he doesnt owe me anything but, again, its more trying to deal with thr frustration of knowing he could be better if he'd just work on his mental game

the match against grigor tomorrow..its hard to have hope when you look at the H2H. grigor is just a terrible match up for him. one of the worst on tour. it'd take a really bad day at the office for grigor and a great day for david to win.

david does sound hungry. he says all the right things. im just not sure i see him getting back to the top 10 and having the ability to stay there. the young guys are coming and surpassing him. he loses to them more often tha not. his time to win something big may have already come and gone. im not sure how much longer he really has to be a top 20 level player. his game so much reminds me of davy and davy started decining around the age of 30 . i realize david is a different player but i can probably use davy as an example of what to expect later in his career somewhat

as for what i want for him next year:

1. stay inside top 20
2. win a title. literally anything. he's got a frustratingly small number of titles.only 5. again , i know its not all about titles but, come on, as fans we want to see our players win titles. i'd love to see him win a masters next year but he'll probably need a lot of help again with the draw. (actually id love to see him win a slam but im not that naive)
3. olympic medal?. this one is a long shot i know but if he teams with with mertens in mixed he only has to win 4 matches to win a medal and , he's shown he can have success with the right partner. tokyo brings out the best in him so...with the right draw i maintain he's a darkhorse for one
4. stay healthy. he's done it this year hopefully he can next year too
5. stay consistent. i used to know what to expect from him. i havent at all this year. i would like for him to get back his concistency next year
6. improve mentality. in 2017 he was actually so good. im not sure what he did but it'd be great to see him get that mental strength back
7. make YEC. kind of goes with the consistency. i dont think he really deserves to be there this year. it would seem wrong but would be great to see him qualify again and maybe next year
8. imrpove serve. thomas , in 2017 had his serve as the best its ever been. there were glimpses of that at times this year but far to infrequently
9. win at home. i just would love to see him win his home title. i know how much it'd mean for him. his performance this year was a joke and i dont get why because in the past he's played quite welll in antwerp and when he plays davis cup at home he's always strong.

Its ofc okay to be negative. Im not judging you, just trying to remind you that we are supporters. david can be very frustrating and this is as good a place as any to vent. I think your expectations for the season are interesting. Outside of making a slam final i think what would make me the happiest would be to see him win an olympic medal. Mixed is always a bit random as it is so rarely player. i unfortunately dont think his serving is consistent enough to take a medal. In mixed the man has to basically always hold serve, and as we know that just isnt Davids style.

I think he has a sliver of a chance in singles. He could feasibly make the top 8 seedings, especially if one or more of the top three are injured as they are bound to be more often as age takes its toll. Especially Nadal is in danger of this. Im not wishing him injury, not just because of the rules, but also because even tho I hate him a bit I have respect for him as an athlete and you should never wish injury on any human being (bar some politicians maybe ;) )

But lets say he makes the top 8 seeding, with not much of significance to defend at the start of the year its plausible. Goffin has a great record in Tokyo. Now there is just one puzzle piece that needs to fall into place. He needs to meet Dominic Thiem, either in the quarterfinal or in the bronze match. Out of the top players Thiem is easy meat for Goffin on a quick harcourt. If it werent for a retirement against him Thiem would certifiably be Goffin's pigeon. I think there are four players Goffin wont beat at the olympics, top 3 and Tsitsipas. Medvedev and Zverev would be favourites against him. But a peak Goffin can beat those guys even if they are playing well.

Its far fetched, but I dont think a singles olympic medal is too much to dream of if Goffin gets into form in 2020, i.e gets back to consistently preforming as he did in 2017, when he beat Djockovic in Monte Carlo. Hope is great, and Goffin is a great player to follow, because you know that within him there is potential to unleash absolutely beautiful line painting, counterpunching, backhands down the line, hell even serving sometimes.

Next year Goffin will possibly slip to being my second favourite player on tour as Ruusuvuori, my compatriot looks set to joi the top 100. Would love to see them play.

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David had extremely slow start again, he didn't manage to come back like vs PCB in Tokyo. He would probably won that match if it had gone to the 3rd set.
In post-match review he said that he wasn't well prepared to this tournament. Hopefully it's not an injury again.
I don't know if Belgium is already out of the competition, don't really care that much about this new Davis Cup format.
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