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I can't wait until Thursday when I finally leave for California and DC, because I've reached the point now where I just can't wait any longer. I want it to be now.

Oh well, at least I have tennis to keep my mind off it for now, C'mon Novak!!! :)

I've also heard that they've started sending out the successful Wimbledon public ballots, so now I'm watching the post every day to see if i've been lucky. At least, I have the LTA ballot still to come after, and if I still don't get tickets, I can always get passes. *i hope*

I hate the new French Open ticket booking system, because of the new earlier booking times. ): My ticket buying used to be so much more spaced out, instead of all my money being lifted as early as February. At least Queens and Nottingham will be available to buy a lot closer to the time (since I'm only going to bother with ground passes).

Le sigh, I love live tennis too much.

Ew, Novak just got broken, fight man!!

): Novak lost, still nice fight man!
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