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Wow I cant believe that its New Years' eve today. I wasnt really planning on writing anything cuz I havent really had time to do mtf type things in awhile, but I was reading something about how you should try to be a little introspective on New Years eve and look back on your year. And what better way to do that than to read your blog.

Its pretty weird to look back at my blog and remember everything, I tend to write things a little crptically on here so sometimes it was a struggle to remember what I was aluding to but other times it wasnt at all.

This is kinda strange, the year went by incredibly fast. Im not really sure if it was a good year. I mean it was in ways, Ive grown a bit I guess. I mean it definately turned out better than it started out. But considering how it started out anything would of been an improvement. (there I go being cryptic again)

Im not really sure what to write again, I hope this year brings good things. I hope I learn a little more, experience new things. Become a better person in general. I dunno. I'm not sure that I have alot to say but I guess I should say goodbye to 2006 and hello to 2007.

The album Im listening to at the moment is the new John Mayer one. I have to say that I am absolutely in love with it. Who would of thunk it right? Me? In love with Mr. your body is a wonderland's new album. Well w/e I am definately in love with it. I suggest you all pick it up. Ill probably talk about it a little more in the coming year so ya.... thats about it.

Goodybye 2006 and hello 2007.
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