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i'm back from RG with a lot of good memories and tons of pics :lol: I will start to upload them today.. a long work is waiting for me!
It was hard to leave Paris.. but i have a lot of good things to come...
I was so happy that Gaston want to come back to Gstaad this year! i'm in love with this place and i prayed he wants to come back without high hopes.. But he wants! :aparty: More than his title last year, i guess he likes the venue too.. it's so cute! you feel so out of time... i can't wait to go! This year Nadalita will be with me, i'm so glad to have the opportunity to share this tournament with her :hug:

Then after... big unexpected party for 1 week with my amiga LOVELY :smooch: i can't wait!!!!

For now, i'm concentrated in RG... Gaston played so well yesterday against JCF, i hope it will help him.. i'm sure it will... I wish him all the best, i think i already did my job with him...
David against Ruben... i guess i can say that 1 of my favourites will be on 1/8... i will cheer for David cause he has better chance to go far but.. it's not good when 2 of your players are against each others...

I forget! monday is my birthday! the saddest day of the year :sad: i have to cook something for bringing at work :s what a big joy! :mad: I hope Gaston will still be in the tournament and that i could do like in 2004 ;)
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