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Week-end :banana: So happy :banana:
At work, we are less busy but still people who want to book at the last minute. They think that in the nordic countries, there's nobody :lol: :lol:

So, on monday, I'll fly to Göteborg, on the south west of Sweden until wednesday. I'll be with my colleague who is at the account department. I've just checked the weather forecasts, everything will be ok, a sunny weather and about 25°C :) The most important is that there's no rain. It will be nice to attend to the athletics and mix the city sightseeing. We will also meet other travel agents from all the European countries, it's always interesting to share experiences. It will be my second time in Göteborg, last time was in april, so a bit different. I think that during the summer time, the city must be great. At te athletics, we'll have some VIP tickets, so I hope we'll have the best seats :lol: to take great pics, especially Karolina Flüft and Kasja, I'm sure to see Karolina, because it will be on tuesday evening, but won't see Kasja, because high jump is always the last day of the championships :(

Kom Igen Sverige i Göteborg , Heja Sverige :bounce: :bounce:
Should I bring my Swedish flag ???

It will be fun to attend to another sport competition :)

About MS Bercy, my new manager may have vip tickets for the MS Bercy, but nothing is sure yet, I have to wait. With or without tickets, I'll buy my tickets soon. I just have to ask for my days off. I have so many days to take....but when I'm not a work, it's a problem, they don't want to let me have a rest. Well, strange !!! When I said today that I was going to Göteborg for three days, people were :sobbing: don't think it's because they love me(especially one), it's because I can't be there to do the whole work :lol: I'm going to enjoy a lot that days off !!

Not only because of my work, especially because I'll be disconnected from the real world :)
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