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agenda today

(i've shopped and done lunch, i also had my hair fixed manicure pedicure etc ... spent quality time with my girlfriend )

soo ... tonight shall be wild and crazy.

that's really it.

takes a lifetime to find a style quite like mine.
who does it like me?!?
nessuno. that's who. ciao!

:hearts: :hearts:

everybody's talking.
all these haters hawking.
paparazzi stalking, taking pictures while I'm walkin'
damn, can't I breathe?
gimme room please ...
i'm on ya mind everyday, if I piss or sneeze.

on the count of 3.
stop focusing on dante...
and think about you for a second...
now ain't that depressing?
ain't it depressing?
see, that's why nobody talks about you.
nothin to talk about.
get yaself a hobby bitch and learn how to make a quilt or something, just punch yaself in the mouth.

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I thougth you were a woman at first, with all those manicure and pedicure.... I am sure that takes you a lot of time you shold spend learning something about life. May be it is not up to you, too much money and too poor love...
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