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FINALLY!!!! I know Scott will also be very happy about this. :D

Judging by this post on the Freaks & Geeks website, it looks like the show will be coming to DVD soon.

First of all, hello to you all. Sorry I've seemed to have disappeared but I've been buried in things with my movie and some other pending projects. I will say that my movie is finally getting released, and will be coming out around October 10th, released by Artisan Entertainment. So, that's a relief.

But now to the matter at hand. We are VERY close to getting the DVDs out. A company that was started by the guys who sold Rhino want to put the show out and are with us that all the original music must remain intact. So, that's a great thing (I wouldn't release it otherwise). But that causes one small problem -- the DVD set is going to be a little more expensive than we wanted it to be. This is so we can include all the original music, and also so we can get the DVDs out sooner (instead of spending months and months doing legal work).

The price for the DVD set will probably be around $120, which is very steep, I know. However, because of discount sites on the web and the fact that most stores like Tower and Virgin always mark down new releases, you'll probably be able to get it for about 80 bucks. I will say that we're intending to include one full disc of extras, including deleted scenes, bloopers, and lots of other fun things (that we're in the process of pulling out of all our crates and boxes now).

So, that's what's up. I don't know any exact date for when it'll be coming out but I know we're all shooting for before the end of the year (probably in time for Christmas -- how embarrassingly convenient!).

Just wanted to update you all and let you know that this is what's up. Nobody wants these DVDs out more than us, since we know how many of you have been waiting patiently and since, well, we just want them out there so that you guys can have them and so hopefully we can find even more people who will discover our little show.

That's all for now. I'll update you as things progress. And please feel free to post any feedback you might have regarding this (just to let us know if it all works for you or not).

Thanks again. It's good to talk to you all after so much time away.

Rock on,
Paul Feig
It sounds like the set will be released by Shout! Factory, (Richard Foos from Rhino is now there).

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