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The weather forecasts calls for snow :eek: in my area. Watch every school be called off tomorrow morning. It does not take much for that to happen. One snowflake on the ground, and everyone's calling the radio and television stations to cancel school or any other scheduled event.

Additionally, the students from fall semester are taking their finals! Meanwhile, I'm starting my initial planning for my teaching. I said I was going to teach The Color of Water and The Odyssey, but that could change too. We'll see...and somewhere in there, we have to implement the Poetry Out Loud contest in our class. I will not begin teaching until the end of the month or the beginning of the next, but I still want to be ready.

Right now, to keep myself company, I'm watching the premiere of I Love New York! New York was the uber-bitch from Flavor of Love and a total drama queen. The men she's having to deal with are either ugly as hell or fine as hell and don't have anything to back it up. Then again, when you look at her, she's beautiful as hell physically but doesn't have a lick of common sense or book sense. Nevertheless, this show is pure entertainment! Her line, Love Me, Bitches, is classic!

I would like to stick around to see who gets voted off, but another day awaits me tomorrow. On that note, it's bedtime. Until next time....
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