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For RogiFan

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Hi RogiFan

Just wondering under what name you have registered. Had a look at the memberslist and there was no RogiFan to be found. So it really looks like you made a mistake when you registered. Maybe you did overlook that e-mail you get and where you have to follow the steps (really easy - you just have to cklick on a link) to become a member.

Keep the fingers crossed that you'll become a member soon.
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Aw I can see you honey! :wavey: I hope u can figure out this problem soon! :D

Hi all Rogi lovers: Mrs. B, Doris, Lily, IluvRogi, Beth, Nina, etc.!

I finally cracked it! Duh! Sorry, but I had a huge BC!!!

Now that I'm in, I don't know what to say!

I know, how do you post photos?
LOL!HI ROGIFAN!(sorry Im just excited 2 see u!) :wavey:
Hmm if the pictures u want 2 post are off the internet u left click go save as(im guessing u knew that rite?) then once saved when u post a reply,there is a box that says it and it brings up all your on it press OK then post.Simple as! :D

Come back soon!U'll enjoy it here!

At long last, your woe is over, welcome aboard the Federer Express! Now it's going to be more fun with u here. Can't wait to see ur pics.

;) Hi Mrs. B!

Such a relief to be able to post! Watching poor Max vs. Agassi. He must be tired after playingso many matches, including 2 doubles today, poor guy! If AA wins, Hewitt better watch out! Oh, he won -- but at least Max got a set off him.

But enough of other players (even though I like Max -- he did win Rotterdam doubles w our Rogi) -- let's get back to more important subjects!

So is Rogi back in Switzerland? I guess he'll be practising for DC w the other Swissies.

BTW, I liked your comment re: Rogi w Juanqui in that photo fr MCarlo w the awards. I think you could put one of those Three Musketeers hats w the feather on Rogi and he'd look like quite the swashbuckler! Rather dashing! He looks so neat in his white shirt and black pants, just like in TO!

More posts tomorrow, I hope.

Gute nacht!
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yeah!!! RogiFan is here! Glad you made it.:)

I agree with you about Rogi looking dashing in that pic w/ Ferrero. Its just amazing how he can wear anything and look so good. :D :cool:

And pics are very much appreciated here. :)

Welcome aboard RogiFan!! Glad you finally made it!!
You may want to check the f.a.q. (frequentli asked questions) section on the top of the page.

There you'll see how you can post pics, links etc.

I'm looking forward to your comments in here!
Artikel re: USO and Rogi


Hi Doris!

Good to see you here! I'm trying to post a photo of Rogi -- let's see if this works!

This article says:

US OPEN – Federer wie im Vorjahr in Achtelfinals ausgeschieden
Roger bedauert und zieht positive Bilanz

I guess Rogi is still positive despite being ousted in RD 16 again.

«Ich fand überhaupt keinen Rhythmus», ärgerte sich Roger, der aber trotzdem eine positive Bilanz aus dem Turnier zieht: «Ich stürze deswegen nicht wieder in eine Krise. Ich konnte mich seit Runde 1 steigern und gegen Malisse habe ich super gespielt. Das war sehr wichtig.»

Did Rogi say he lost his rhythm vs. Max?? What about "Krise"? Is he out of it now?

«Ich hätte gerne eine Revanche gegen Andre Agassi gehabt.» Der zweimalige US-Open-Sieger (1994, 1999) schoss Federer letztes Jahr aus dem Turnier – ebenfalls im Achtelfinal.
Im Doppel spielte Federer gestern Nacht mit Partner George Bastl die dritte Runde.

Rogi wanted revenge vs. AA, right? Too bad he didn't get the chance!

Nach dem US Open steht ein markanter Wechsel auf dem Programm: von den schnellen Hardcourts in New York zu den staubigen Sandplätzen von Marokko – wo das Abstiegsspiel des Schweizer Daviscup-Teams stattfindet (20. bis 22. September). Übrigens: Einer der Gegner, El Aynaoui (Mar, ATP 20), hats in die Viertelfinals geschafft...

What does he say re: DC in Morocco? I wonder what his H-to-H is vs. El Aynaoui... It will be a quick change from hardcourt to clay for the Swiss.

We wish the Sexy Swiss all the best for DC, right girls?

HOPP Schweiz!



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You summed it up pretty good RogiFan

And yes I'm all with you!!

Hooooopppp Schwiiiiiizzzzz
We wish the sexy Swiss all the best for the DC,dont we girls?
Hell yeah RogiFan! :)

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

U don't need any translations. ;)

Yeah, let's hope the sexy Swiss team sizzle in Morocco!
Hey RF
Did you already get the latest eddition of SMASH??

Couse there's a competition going on about Roger Federer.
You can ask something you wanted always to know about him.
The best questions will be publised in one of the next editions.

Only thing is that participants have to be youngsters not older than 18!! (So I'm not allowed to take part....)

But when I'm right you still should fit in. Will give you further details when you wish.
:) Thanks Doris! Is this the Nov or Dec Smash??? COOL!! Sorry, I definitely DO NOT qualify for the competition but I can't wait to see it anyway! Anything w Rogi!! ;)
oh o.k.
Don't know why but I had in mind you're still a youngster too

guess I was wrong ;)

And it was in the Nov. edition. Got it yesterday.
:p That's funny Doris! I just ACT like a youngster, that's all! Age is in the mind, as they say -- and I definitely do NOT act my age at all!!! It's hilarious!! ;)
May I ask then how old you are?
:p you don't want to know how OLD I am believe me!! Let's just say Im probably older than you! ;)
You might be wrong with that ;)

But o.k. I no longer have you in the youngster stage but in the more adult one ;)

guess I don't have to put you in the grandma range, do I?
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