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My mom does, and my dad is no longer but never knew when he was alive.

Mom did the tearful thing, the what did i do wrong and went through all the usual emotions and now is actually pretty good about it. In so much as we dont usually talk about it, but she knows if im having girl trouble, and always is able to say the right thing so am very lucky.

My sister was the worst, she went kind of mad on me, and used everything she possibly could to hurt me, that went on for a few months and now she still has her moments but shes generally fine and also tries to give advice but bless her she just doesnt understand half the time. She got better when i got ill though, so i think it made her realise eventually that in fairness being a lesbian doesnt really change me.

The other thing i was told once which might help you - is that when you tell your folks, it can be a shock but you just have to show them that youre still you, youre the same as you always was, they just have a little bit more information about you, and thats no bad thing.

Good luck in coming out - if thats what youre trying to consider at the moment :)
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