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It's been a good month, especially from a flying perspective. In the past month, I've flown:

to and from Columbus, Ohio
to and from Kennett, Missouri
to and from St. Louis twice;
to and from Boston twice;
to and from Phoenix, Arizona twice

The best part of all this flying is that a good deal has been at limited or no cost to me, which is the best kind of flying there is.

Perhaps the most interesting trip was the one to Kennett.

The weather has cooperated for nearly all of these flights, save the one to St. Louis, which had quite a bit of turbulence in the takeoff and landing phases -- enough that both my boss and I "caught air" when he had a couple of violent losses of altitude (only a few feet). It's a similar feeling to riding in the rear car of a roller coaster and being whipped over the summit of a steep incline.
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