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FITD Participation Guide​

This is a guide to submit the FITD predictions for each tournament.
I use this guide to avoid possible mistakes skipping matches, especially with large draws, and to keep the predictions saved in the files in case of a site crash.

This guide requires the use of Microsoft Excel files, I use them on a Microsoft Windows computer:

32-players Draw:!ArlMgkfDfofvgSddqrZW9CKvn2dv

64-players Draw:!ArlMgkfDfofvgSgIXXkkvIiyazDu

128-players Draw:!ArlMgkfDfofvgSlV7w20Z9bt4ren

First, you should fill the Main Draw of the tournament

Second, for the matches of the first round, each cell will have a drop-down list, with the options you can choose. You just have to click the option you want to predict.

After the option is selected, the column of the right will show it automatically

You should continue with all the first round matches, which will show the selected options automatically in the column of the right.

You have to continue with the full tournament, which will update the column to the right.

Once the full tournament is chosen, you can copy the column of the right, and paste it directly in the MTF thread.

As an option to follow the results after the start of the tournament, in the Main Draw each correct pick can be painted green (correct) or red (incorrect). After that, in the cells to the right you can type the number of right and wrong picks for each round, which should update the points for each round. After the results posted by the Manager of the tournament, you can type your ranking in the tournament, and how many FITD Points did you win.

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