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Final: Friday - Marat vs PHM

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Go Marat

1:1 so far with serve
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Marat *1-2 0-40 :(

Fight Marat!
sorry Marat but I want France to win so go Paulo !!
For those who have no TV coverage but understand some French, there is audio coverage on the French Federation site :
come on Paulo :D :D Go France :D :D
3-3 :)

Focus Marat, please!
Gotta win this match!
From Eurosport:

" Forget takes this time off to encourage his player. His closes his fists trying to tell him "go you can do it, be strong". Meanwhile on the Russian side, Safin seems to be playing a simple match of a tournament as there is no sign of the captain. " :rolleyes:

A break 4 Marat *4-3!!!

Hold your serve now!
pfff come on Paulo, break back! :bounce:
Come on Marat!!!!! hold your serve!!!
Marat holds to love :)

"First love game of the match in favour of Russia. Safin fired 3 aces. " :D

"Boris Yeltsin (former Russian president) is thrilled and claps after each point made by the Russians." :D
Marat is serving for 1st set *5-4

Serve it out, boy! ;)
you can do this Marat!!!
1 - 20 of 140 Posts
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