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Ferrero def Nalbandian 6-2 3-6 6-3

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Good win for JCF in Beijing!

David :sad:
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Congrats, JCF. David, what happened?
silverwhite said:
Good win for JCF in Beijing!

David :sad:
Did you see the match? (Im at school, (lunch pause) so i didn't...) Where was it won and lost?

WD JCF. :yeah:
Nalby :sad: :rolleyes:
Ooooh...2 of my favorite players....
I was wishing Nalbandian would win though, would be great if he could get master cup...But now Ferrero is through I am glad too! Revenge on Nadal next plz!(If Nadal even wins from Wessels...
Ferrero keep it up :yeah:
yeah JC!! :yeah: finally some good win, was about time....and especially a first over David!
Can someone who saw the match give a comment ? thanx :)
Congrats Juanqui, let's see if you're finally back :)
Well done Juanqui!!! :woohoo:
JC :eek: :bounce: :clap2: :bowdown: :yeah: :woohoo: :rocker2: :banana: :aparty:
Awesome win for JCF, that's a very important victory for him:) He needs these big wins to get his confidence at 100%:D Well done JCF, keep it up man:banana:!!!
Well done Juan Carlos :D :woohoo: Great result for him! Good luck in the semi finals JC :hug:

David, good luck in Davis Cup :hug:
Great job JCF!!! :bigclap: This is a huge win for him, I hope he goes on to win the tournament.
bravo JCF :banana:
1 - 20 of 51 Posts
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