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Saludos a todos!

Major FeliFan here...I had the opportunity to take some BEAUTIFUL pictures of Feliciano this summer in Montreal. I was even lucky enough to catch him shirtless :yeah: AND had the 300mm zoom, so there a number of stunning shots of him!

I must add that there were only two of us in the stands taking the pics, he was more than done with practice, and he made sure that he took his time, giving us ample opportunity to take pictures... It was very difficult to keep from shaking, as he is just UNBELIEVABLE...

Losing concentration just thinking about it. So lest I forget, go to: and click on the pictures link. Find "Michelle's Complete Montreal" and the Feli pics are the last three or so pages.

There are pics of others there as well worth viewing!!! I also know FotoGordon at and he has some nice Feli shirtless shots, too! Also bookmark this link, as I am going to Bercy and will post all my pics there from Paris.



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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