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I think that this title is quite impressive won by Roger. All people think that he will make a failure after his difficult wins in Halle. But for me these hard matches in Germany were result of the lost French Open final. And the problems were mentally. Olivier Rochus was closest to break the superb record of Roger of consecutive grass wins (had started from 2003 Halle). But in all other matches Federer control the situation in spite of all.

After one week Wimbledon have started and ..... Roger have started to smash his opponents. A lot of people expected Richard Gasquet to make the bomb, but in 2 days Roger threw him away of the tournament with impressive 63 62 62 win. The next was Timmy Henman, and no sentimental for the host - 64 60 62. I can say that Henman is very convenient opponent for Federer and he need only one win to equal the H2H (now 5-6). Next opponent was Nicolas Mahut. He made more troubles, but that have resulted in one tie-break, which was won by Federer 7-2. The big-serving Mahut has a future, but seeing his results - maybe only on grass.
The second week of Wimbledon was very successive. Tomas Berdych was thrashed down with 63 63 64 and total play under 1 hour and 20 minutes. In this match Roger was in perfect brilliance. Experts expected from Mario Ancic to take at least one set from the champion, but what happened - 64 64 64, with good - managed breaks from Roger in the beginning of each set. Jonas Bjorkman was the old veteran, with who Roger made a very good practise before the final. Again no sentimentals, and again perfect in everything. Again set to love - 62 60 62 - quite impressive for everything.
The final was set - Federer - Nadal. For 5th time this year this is the final of a tournament. 60 76 67 63 - Very good play from Federer, and i think this is the way of playing he has to repeat to beat Nadal on other surfaces. A bit air for Federer and H2H 2-6 yet. Keep up Roger !!!

Now take your rest, and we expect brilliance during the hard court season.

Wimbledon: Big failures for Andy Roddick, Sebastian Grosjean - known as grass court specialist !!! I think that with the big career of Roddick is finished. He is lagging from the development of tennis and slowly dropping in the ranking. He didn't develope after his Wimbledon final at 2004, tennis developed very much. In nowadays not only pwoerfull forehand and service can help you to win the match. I'm expecting bad summer for him.
Lleyton Hewitt wasn't so bad, but lost to Baghdatis who is not so good at grass. If Lleyotn played his way, he could manage to win this 1/4 final.
Rafael Nadal made a lot of points, and good tournament, but his opponents in the beginning was very easy for grass. Kendrick was the key match and only problems for the spaniard. He didn't face another big-server opponent and that was a help. He made incredile tournament, but if he was with the draw of Roger Federer, i don't think so .... !!!
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