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Federer/Nadal H2H if Nadal played right-handed?

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Do you think it would be significantly different if Nadal played right-handed? The only thing I can think of is he won't be able to bully a right hander with his CCFH. To be honest I think those are one of the reasons it is such a bad matchup disadvantage. As seen with left handers against Nadal they sometimes present a challenge and given Berrer had a Onehanded backhand but was left handed it brings that into question.
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30-19 Fed assuming clay skew and coward effect.
Federer 33-0
Nadal would not be Nadal if he was left handed...

He would still give Roger problems but not as much as he does now. Think of Rightly Nadal as possibly a better version of Igor Andreev (better mentally and physically).
Nadal is destined to become left-handed and is also destined to stop Fed's dominance as well as his arrogance. There is no point debating what would have happened had he become a right-handed player.
What if Roger Federer was a lefty and Rafa Nadal was a righty. Now there is a good thread ...
Nadal would pound that ass just the same.
How very homoerotic
Nadal's FH and serve wouldn't be as effective, that's for sure. It's impossible to say who would lead the H2H though.
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