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Swiss tennis star Roger Federer has revealed in the that, although he may reaching the twilight of his career, he is certainly not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

Having upset the by winning the US Open last year, Andy Murray could move within striking distance of taking Federer’s number two spot in the world rankings if he were to win the Australian Open in Melbourne, with plenty of tennis betting news writers predicting him to do so.

With Rafael Nadal having missed a number of tournaments through injury, a win for Murray and subsequent rise up the rankings would ensure that neither Federer nor Nadal occupied one of the top two spots for the first time since November 2003. The possibility of dropping down the rankings doesn’t, however, faze Federer; ''I love the pressure of playing and, with the new generation coming up, I have to work harder to stay at the top with the best,'' he said. ''Everyone has to fade away eventually, but I'm not 89 yet.”

Current world number one, Novak Djokovic has won the Australian Open for the last two years and, if he were to win this year’s event he would be the first man to win a grand slam title three years in a row in the 45-year professional history of tennis.

Federer accepts that Djokovic is the favourite going in to this year’s tournament but he also expects Murray to show strongly in Melbourne; ''Novak is the favourite going into Australia. He's been the best hardcourt player in the world for the last couple of years,'' Federer said to betting news reporters. ''Andy Murray is playing great and only going to get stronger in the next couple of years” he added.

Roger Federer has been written off in the past only to come back strongly and subvert expectations. The Swiss player’s pre-tournament endorsement of Djokovic and Murray shows his respect for the two 25-year olds but if he comes up against either of them in Melbourne then he will certainly not be overawed. A changing of the guard at the top of the world rankings may well be coming but don’t expect it to happen just yet.
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