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Newly crowned Australian Open Champion has revealed that his compatriot Roger Federer was amongst the first people to congratulate him on his famous victory.

Whilst it would be easy for tennis betting fans to assume that Federer would view Wawrinka as the pretender to his crown as Switzerland’s number one tennis star, it seems that he is quite happy to share the limelight with the 28 year old.

Prior to his four set victory over Rafael Nadal in Melbourne, the furthest that Wawrinka had been in a grand slam was the semi-finals at last year’s US Open and Federer was quick to recognise his achievement in defeating the world number one.

“He (Federer) texted me and then called me. He was quite crazy for me, like really, really happy,” Wawrinka said. “He has been in that situation so many times, he has been the champion so many times and knows the feeling,” he added.

Prior to Wawrinka’s win, Federer had been the only Swiss man to win a Grand Slam tournament and he certainly has a long way to go before he can be considered in the same bracket as the 17 time Grand Slam winner.

Despite his stature in the game, it seems that Federer has long been an advocate of Wawrinka’s and he will continue to support him as he develops....that is if Wawrinka ever returns his call of course!

“He’s my supporter, he’s always there. I just said when I have time I would call him back. It’s still all quite crazy,” the man from Lausanne said.

With Federer’s star seemingly on the wane there is certainly space at tennis’s top table for another Swiss superstar.

If Wawrinka can build on the confidence he gained from winning his first Grand Slam, without letting the victory go to his head, then the latest tennis betting odds suggest that he could just have what it takes to become a regular feature at the business end of the biggest tournaments.
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