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Roger Federer is a man who has pretty much done it all. He has all the Grand Slam titles, he has the fame, he's taken part in some of the greatest tennis matches of all time and, in the minds of a lot of people, he also has the accolade of being the greatest ever player to grace the sport.

So, how exactly can you top that? Well, how about by introducing into your game the newest and coolest rally winner: the ‘hotdog’. Having already introduced the shot at Flushing Meadows last year, Roger proved it was not a one hit wonder after he pulled out the astonishing rally winning shot in his first round victory at the 2010 US Open.

The question that pundits are now asking is, what can Roger do next? Will he use the same shot to clinch a Grand Slam title? Will he introduce a new version of the shot? Will he begin to look into how he can start learning to do a lob whilst doing a handstand? For the moment, though, the more realistic challenge for Roger Federer will be regaining the kind of form that saw him triumph in the first Grand Slam event of the year in Australia.

With Federer aware that his main rival in the US Open 2010 betting, Rafael Nadal, is not always able to produce his best tennis on hard court surfaces, Fed will appreciate that this is his best opportunity to stake his claim to the world number one spot.

Whilst he is currently second in the ATP singles rankings, Federer will be desperate to recapture the kind of consistency at the highest level that saw him dominate the top spot in the rankings for so long. The US Open odds will certainly start moving in his favour if he does.
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