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It now appears to only be a matter of time before Andy Murray goes on and reaches the top of the world rankings, which is something that has often looked as though it simply wouldn’t happen.

The Scottish star’s US Open triumph in September has finally proved he can win a grand slam, and his Olympic gold medal has only gone further to highlight the emergence of a player whose career has now entered another level.

Gone are the doubts that Murray would ever be able to break into that elite group of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, and becoming number one is definitely something the 25-year old will know he can achieve before too long.

Federer, who spent a record 300 weeks at the top of the rankings, has admitted he is certain Murray will soon become the top dog in the game.

"Yes, he can do it. He should be able to have that goal. He has results that back up his chances,” admitted the 17-time Grand Slam winner.

"His next nine months are going to be extremely interesting to follow. I hope for him he can achieve it eventually. I think maybe at the end of the year [he can do it], maybe the beginning of next year.”

If Murray can combine his new big-match confidence with his ruthless consistency throughout the course of a season, then there really is no end to what he can achieve over the next few years.

Winning the ATP World Finals in London would be the perfect way to end a year which has seen Murray have to endure some extreme lows before ultimately reaching that high he felt at Flushing Meadows.

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