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Here's an excerpt from the book The Roger Federer Story, Quest for Perfection by Rene Stauffer that says that Roger ALMOST became an Aussie resident when his father had a chance to move to Australia. (also a fun toilet story about Roger)...Since Roger's mom is So. African, his father Swiss and if he had lived in Australia, would have played DAvis Cup and represented Australia in tennis if he moved there? what do you think?

Roger became unpleasant if things weren’t going well on the tennis court. His verbal outbursts were notorious and he often tossed his racquet. Roger personally recounted probably the most embarrassing story from his time in Biel.

“There was a new curtain at the tennis center,” he said. “They said that if someone were to wreck the curtain, they had to clean toi*lettes for a week. I looked at the curtain and thought that it was so thick that there was no way anybody could wreck it. Ten minutes later, I turned around and hurled my racquet at the curtain like a helicopter. It sliced through the curtain like a knife going through butter.”

Everybody stopped playing and stared at Roger. “No, I thought, that’s impossible, the worst nightmare. I took my things and left. They would have thrown me out anyway.” As punishment, Roger Federer, who hates nothing more than getting up early, had to help the grounds-keeper clean toilets and the tennis court at an ungodly hour of the morning for an entire week.

In 1997, the Federer family was confronted with a momentous decision when Robert received an offer from his employers, Ciba, to take an executive position in Australia. Robert worked for three months each in Melbourne and Sydney on two occasions, and he and his family spent some extended holiday time in the country, visiting Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. They enjoyed Australia and at first, the plan to move to Australia was an exciting proposition.

However, skepticism grew as the consequences became clearer. The family decided finally to stay in Münchenstein. The Federers did not want to give up their circle of friends and they were uncertain if Roger would have the same opportunities to develop his tennis career as he had in Switzerland
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