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Maybe I should have a tennis blog. Absolutely no one who reads my main blog cares about tennis, so I don't post about it there. So here goes.

Things I want this year:
Federer's Grand Slam
Haas at the TMC where he belongs (this means no more drawing Federer early or getting sick/injured)
Safin to have a worthy comeback (or do I have to wait until 2010?)
Agassi to do something memorable before he retires
Nadal to stay number two but still keep a comfortable distance from Federer ;)

I love winners and streaks and records and domination, and I have nothing against Nadal, so I'm happy for him today. I'm also glad Federer got to play him, because as I posted on the forums, and as he's been saying in his interviews, the more they play the better. Nadal may have him out of his comfort zone, but the only way he's going to expand his current comfort zone is to be forced to practice what he's not used to. I think he's tough enough to do this rather than to fall apart because he keeps losing, and I hope he's right that he feels he's getting closer. (Nadal also said that he beat him more easily today than at the French last year, so one of them is in denial.) I want Federer to win the French this year, and I don't want it to be because Nadal was taken out before the final.

I'm not sure Federer's there yet, though, so I hope they meet at least once more in Rome/Hamburg. Nadal's declared his intention to play Hamburg this year, in what some interpret as a Federer-turf challenge, so barring something actually physically stopping him, I don't think he'll withdraw for rest, unless the Rome final is like last year's. Federer may withdraw from Rome--he likes to take breaks, and I would say he's entitled, because it's been since last year's RG that he hasn't made it to the final, so he's definitely going deep--but I think he should try to defend Hamburg. And he may very well play Rome; I would love for him to.

In a perfect world, he would lose (well, in a *perfect* world, win, but I'm not sure he's ready) to Nadal in the Rome final, win against him at Hamburg, and still have enough energy to beat him at the French. Then he could defend Wimbledon and the US Open, take back the Masters Cup, and relax a little henceforth, so my other favorites could start/resume winning slams.

I'm glad I have nothing against Nadal: it makes my life that much easier. Have an irrational dislike of Nalbandian that I fully realize is irrational and am trying to work back down into indifference (because I am a rational being).
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