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went out for a bit with Kristin, nothing interesting, we just sat at Panera's had a roll & drink and played on the internet. atleast i wasn't home alone though. it was fun watching the crew goof around at the end of the night, they were throwing bagels around the store lol

today was *sigh* weather was crap which made my mood even worse. i don't want to go to work :sobbing: what happened to the job i liked? to the place i used to look forward to going to? i used to have hope, now i have nothing.

Remember I went through a similar stage in life wondering what the hell I have to do to make it better and feeling sorry for myself and hateing myself for being like that
You were the one that reminded me that however bad your life seems there are a lot of people far worse off than you
you have your health and a job (even though you hate it ) and a bed to lye in
If you want more stop mopeing around and get out there and do something about it
this may sound harsh but I feel you need a kick up the arse to help you get your act together
I always thought you were a fighter (and I still think you are )so less moaning and more positive action
ps good luck
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