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My world is falling apart again. it had been a mess in my personal life for quite some time, i can't even remember the last time i curled up on a couch with a guy and just cuddled. The last time i was kissed was almost a year ago. I'm after a guy that work will not let me date and who nows has an (apparently) serious girlfriend. Now it appears that my professional life is falling apart too.

It feels like years ago, but actually it was just August, when Jeff pulled me into his office and promoted me. At the time he told me that after Christmas I would go to the floor so that I could learn it and then to Exec School. Monday I got pulled into the office by Mike & Brian and told that they wanted me to do Food Avenue. I flat out said no. I've worked in food services before, by the end of the summer i was 20 pounds lighter (which wasn't good considering i was thin at the time, losing 20 lbs made me underweight), barely eating and so depressed that i was borderline suicidal. And now Target is trying to send me back into that hell, only this time it will be worse, I'll be taking over an area whose numbers are in the red.

There were more promises of exec school but i no longer believe them. why should i? they broke their promise about the floor, what is stopping them from breaking their promise about exec school too? nothing. The only hope i have left is Marc. When i said no they went and offered him Food Ave, he doesn't want to do it either but Mike fed him some cock & bull line about what it could do for his career. No idea if he fell for it. It put Kristin in a bad spot, she knows what an awful job this is and that Marc would probably fail at it. I can't expect her to chose me over her boyfriend and tell him not to take it. I'd tell him not to take it, it is a crap job, but doing so would be like shooting myself in the foot.

I just don't know how much more of this i can take.
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