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After a long reflection, I’ve finally sorted out my 3 (new) teams for 2007. So these are the players I will support this new season, with some smileys to illustrate why they are here ;)

Teams 2007 (in the right order, at least, for the moment)

A : My absolute favourites:
Gaston Gaudio :cat: :bowdown: :hug: :worship:
David Ferrer :hug: :D
Lleyton Hewitt :worship:
Xavier Malisse :hug: :aplot:
Feliciano Lopez :drool:

B: my other favourites
Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo :hearts:
Nicolas Lapentti :dance: ;)
Vince Spadea :bigwave:
Igor Andreev :kiss:
Mario Ancic :yeah: :devil:
Nicolas Massu :drink: :lol:

C: my favourites Challengers players (basically, the “after top100” players that I like – some of them could have been in the A team btw ;) )
Hugo Armando :inlove:
Diego Hartfield :angel:
Diego Junqueira :smooch:
Juan-Pablo Brzezicki :crazy:
Robert Kendrick :lick:
Gustavo Marcaccio :nerner:
Peter Luczak :)

Good luck to everybody in 2007 :bigclap: vamooos chicos! :p
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